Warhammer 40k Space Marine Helmet

First a bit of back story. I made this back in 2004 for my friend TJ. He was making a 40k Ork costume for our mutual friend Dan. I had been giving him advice on it but was busy making the Boo costume for another friend. Somehow I managed to finish that costume 2 days before the con. Feeling weird not having to rush to finish a costume before a convention I decided to challenge myself. I had a bunch of extra blue foam left over and figured the ork needed a banner pole with some trophies. A space marine helmet would look great and help identify what the costume was supposed to be. Using the same technique I used on the J-Pak I layered up a bunch of foam, glued it together, then attacked it with a utility knife and a sanding block. I had the basic shape roughed out pretty quick. From there I cut and added a few pieces of foam for the details along with some ear pieces made from the lid to those plastic containers that hold cheap toys you get out of vending machines inside the door at K-Mart. With the details good enough to pass the 20 foot rule I took some airdry clay and smoothed over the nastiest seams to help smooth out the surface. The mouth grill was made from strips of clay laid on and blended into the surface. Once that had dried I hit it with some blue paint left over from the Killstick and hand painted the eyes, grill, and Ultramarines symbol. The black tubes were just some junk electrical conduit I found in the trash and hot-glued on. After gouging a hole in the bottom I attached the neckseal from my stormtrooper costume with some pins and stuck a piece of PVC in it. Not the best looking thing I've ever made but it pissed my friend TJ off that in less than 2 days I made something that became the focal point of the costume and made it that much cooler. ;-)

Shaping Helmet Scale Comparison Finished Helmet 1 Finished Helmet 2 Finished Helmet 3 Finished Helmet 4

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