2010 RPF Blaster Contest Entry

The Wet & Wild blaster contest was held for the month of September in 2010 on The RPF. It was a limited contest in that, aside from the initial water gun, you could only spend $25 on parts. I've had this old super soaker (I think it's an XP-70) sitting around for years. Figured this would be as good a reason as any to use it for something.

Base Gun

I started by disassembling it and looking over the parts.


I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it or what parts I'd need to buy. I didn't want to just walk around a hardware store looking for interesting parts without knowing what the basic shape of the gun would be.

I started cutting off parts of the gun I didn't like and playing around with their positioning.

Handle Puttied Parts

I kept having to stop myself from digging through my bits box for other things I knew I already had. Eventually I came up with an orientation I liked using just the parts of the original gun.

Primed Pieced Together

This simplified the build a lot. Everything I kept coming up with to buy and add on would have made the build take a lot longer and probably over-run on cost.

I knew paint would make or break the final look but didn't want to buy anything new as I've got a bunch of older stuff sitting around I need to use up. I wound up just masking off various sections and playing a bit.

Base Paint

Some touch up paint for the details and a little bit of black wash to remove some of the shine and it was done.

Finished Blaster 1 Finished Blaster 2 Finished Blaster 3

I wound up coming in 3rd! Thanks to Shylaah for setting up the contest and to everyone who voted for me. The voting thread with all the entries can be seen here: http://www.therpf.com/f9/vote-here-wet-wild-custom-blaster-contest-97511/

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