The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack-o-Lantern-in-a-Box

My friend Wendy is a big Nightmare Before Christmas fan. For Halloween she made herself an Oogie Boogie costume and her son a Jack Skellington costume. After seeing the movie in 3D with her this past Halloween(2006) I joked with her that I needed to make her one of the "gifts" from the movie for Christmas. Subsequently I started this project. The box was made out of foamcore and painted with acrylic paint. For the pumpkin I layered some scrap high-density insulation foam and sculpted it to the right shape with a sharp knife. I "carved" the face of the pumpkin with a soldering iron then coated the whole thing with a few layers of PVA (white) glue to seal it. The "spring" was made from a piece of black pipe insulation.

Sculpting Pumpkin Foamcore Box Painted Box Interior Stripes Spring Securing Post Face Painted Finished Pumpkin Finished Prop 1 Finished Prop 2 Finished Prop 3 Finished Prop 4 Finished Prop 5 Photo Op

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