Cobra Commander Pistol

My friend Rose was putting together a Cobra Commander costume for New York Comicon 2009. Along with making the faceplate, her boyfriend Tony asked me to help out with making a replica of the blaster CC uses in the cartoon. He'd made a good start already by cutting down a junk resin lightsaber for the barrel and attaching some greeblies. After looking through an assortment of toy guns we both had sitting around we decided on using a busted Nintendo zapper pistol as the base. I started by removing the electronics and cutting it down. Fortunately the trigger mechanism was engineered in such a way that I could keep the spring action.

Cut Down Nintendo Back Plugged Front Plugged

Next I built the upper tube detail out of styrene.

Upper Detail Front Upper Detail Right Upper Detail Left

A few greeblies added to the back end and the barrel section Tony made was glued on with epoxy.

Rear Detail Barrel Added

After the glue dried Tony added strips of styrene to the sides then gave it a coat of flat black.

Painted 1 Painted 2

For being a quick kitbash I think it came out really good.

Tony Cobra Cobra 1 Cobra 2

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