Imperial Electrobinoculars

After seeing a number of people talk about making these on various sites and forums I decided I should try my hand at one. It's made out of a Radica electronic game that is unfortunately no longer being made but occasionally you can find one buried in a Toys R Us, at flea markets or trusty old Ebay. There are two versions of the game, one for tanks and the other for subs though they're essentially the same thing.

Radica Tank Game Stock Game Front Stock Game Back

I picked up some parts at the hardware store including black and white spraypaint, a slip joint nut and some window tint. Various other greeblies were added on from my bits box. The strap is some thin rubber weather stripping I had laying around. The game even still works.

Slip Ring Finished Prop Top Finished Prop Side Finished Prop Back Finihsed Props Front

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