Warhammer 40k Frag Grenades

To make a frag grenade I cut down some 1.5" diameter PVC and sliced a coupler into rings. The rings were glued to the tube with some space between then grooves were cut into them.

Parts Attaching Rings Cutting Grooves Finished Grooves

To cap the ends I cut circles from .08 sheet styrene. For added strength a wooden dowel was glued in the center and screwed down.

End Caps Dowel Insertion Screwed Down

A belt clip was made from a bent strip of aluminum.

Aluminum Strip Bent Strip Side View

The top ring was made from an eye screw with a ring inserted. This was then screwed into the wooden dowel.

Top Ring

After painting the belt clip was attached with pop rivets and the top ring was screwed in. A washer was glued to the bottom around the screw so the grenade could sit upright.

Hardware Attached Washer Attached

Overall they aren't hard to make but cutting the rings and grooves is a bit time consuming.

Finished Grenade Finished Grenades

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