RGB Trap Pedal

In the fall of 2011 I was commissioned to make a Real Ghostbusters style trap pedal. The client had seen my custom trap pedal and asked me to make them a full RGB one. I started this one in much the same way using a collection of PVC fittings and styrene.

Parts 1 Parts 2

The main body was made by inserting a 4" end cap into a 4" coupler that was cut in half. The side parts were built from styrene and a 1.5" screw adapter was used for the shaft collar.

Cut-Down Coupler End Cap Inserted Body Parts Center Post Body Roughed out

For the side details I installed 3/4" closure plugs.

Closure Plugs Installed

To make the pedal "work" I installed a spring in the bottom of the end cap. A wooden dowel acts as the shaft with a washer screwed to the bottom to keep it from coming out. The whole thing was glued with PVC glue and clamped down over night.

Shaft Parts Parts Installed Parts Fit Working Pedal Animation

The kick top was made by layering styrene disks. The bottom two layers were screwed to the wooden shaft and the final layer was glued overtop. Cutouts were made for the front pushbuttons and a rubber grommet was added for the cable.

Attached Kick Plate Ready For Paint

A grey and black paintjob and the project was complete.

Finished Pedal 1 Finished Pedal 2 Finished Pedal 3 Finished Pedal 4 Finished Pedal 5 Finished Pedal 6

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