Farscape Peacekeeper Grenades

In 2012 I finally got around to making some Peacekeeper grenades. Its long been known that the original props were made from casts of Donna Karen perfume bottles.

Screencap 1 Screencap 2 Screencap 3 Screencap 4

The popular opinion was that they were Donna Karen "Unleaded" 3.4oz bottles as the 1.7oz ones were too small.

DK Unleaded Bottle

After digging around on Ebay I found that Donna Karen made another version in a slightly different bottle called "Fuel" which seemed to match up better to the screenused bottle. As a final test I picked up a 1.7oz "Unleaded" and a 3.4oz "Fuel" to check the scale in relation to my hand. In the end I went with the "Fuel" as it seemed the most accurate.

Bottle Comparison

Once I had the bottle I started by making a straight cast of it. This gave me something to work off of instead of ruining an expensive bottle of perfume. It was then a series of filling, sanding, and priming until I had it smoothed out.

Master Copy

When the master was ready I made a mold and cast copies. To finish them I painted the whole thing in flat black, masked off the recesses and then painted it in hammered metal. A clear coat to seal it and a black wash to weather and I had a pair of finished grenades. I may try casting a hollow version at some point to add the LED but I'm happy with them for now.

Final Casts Finished Grenades Stage Progression

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