Bloody Plastic's Schwartz Ring

For 2015's Retrocon my friends and I decided to setup a display table of Spaceballs props. With a couple days before the con I tossed together a quick "good" Schwartz Ring.

I started by cutting three ovals out of styrene then attaching some heat-bent styrene strip around the edges.

Styrene Ovals

I cut an "S" out of styrene and then glued all the parts into a stack.

Stacked Parts

I then filled in the gaps with modeling putty.


For the ring I cut a piece of PVC tube to size, sanded an edge flat and then pinned it to the top part.

Ring Sanded Ring Attached

To paint I did a couple light coats of gold spraypaint followed by a clear gloss to seal it.

Gold Paint

To finish I hand painted the recessed areas black then glued clear plastic "gems" to the "S".

Finished Ring

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