Warhammer 40k Laspistol

This was a fun project I did for the hell of it in 2003. This is a full size "working" replica of a laspistol from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k miniature wargame. I say "working" because I installed a laser pointer in the barrel and it does about as much damage to your target as the weapon usually does in the game.

I started with a cheap dart gun toy.

Toy Gun

I cut off the barrel and made a skeleton for the grip out of plasticard.

Front Grip Front Grip Interior

For the electronics I used a main on/off switch, a laser pointer, a blinking red LED as a power indicator, a momentary contact switch for the trigger, and a 9V battery.

Electronics Testing

The battery fit into the handle which can unscrew so it can be changed later. The on/off switch and LED were set in the side near the trigger and the momentary switch was placed under the existing trigger.

Installing Electronics 1 Installing Electronics 2

A quick base coat to see that it looks like and I started sculpting the grip.

Sculpting Grip Right Sculpting Grip Left

Once the grip was done I added the scope out of PVC

PVC Scope Left PVC Scope Right Scope Alignment

To finish off I made a barrel out of a sprinkler part and a busted camera lens and then added some odds and ends for detail.

Finished Laspistol 1 Finished Laspistol 2 Finished Laspistol 3 Finished Laspistol 4

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