Zuul Head

In 2011 my friend Tony bought a kit of a 1:1 scale Zuul head and asked me to finished it for him.

Terror Dog Kit

I layered the skin in greens and greys with a dark wash overtop. The mouth was given an initial coat of pink.

Basecoat 1 Basecoat 2 Basecoat 3

The teeth were a bit of a pain. I glued them in with Gorilla Glue but they didn't flush into the mouth. I wound up puttying the gaps as best I could.

Attaching Teeth 1 Attaching Teeth 2 Attaching Teeth 3 Attaching Teeth 4 Attaching Teeth 5 Attaching Teeth 6 Attaching Teeth 7

With the teeth attached I layerd the whole mouth in pinks and purples. The teeth were built up from brown to white. A final coat of gloss gave the mouth a shine.

Painting Mouth 1 Painting Mouth 2 Painting Mouth 3

The horns were painted in layers of brown, grey and white then attached with Gorilla Glue. The eye lenses were glued in.

Finished Paint 1 Finished Paint 2 Finished Paint 3 Finished Paint 4

As a final touch I hooked up a set of LEDs for the eyes.

Finished Head 1 Finished Head 2 Finished Head 3 Finished Head 4

For the most part it hangs on Tony's wall but it does occasionally find its way to display tables at conventions.

Displaying Head 1 Displaying Head 1 Displaying Head 1 Displaying Head 1 Displaying Head 1 Displaying Head 1 Displaying Head 1

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