Girl Genius Dingbot #4

After a few months I noticed my last dingbot looked lonely on my desk all by itself (Ok, I had a bunch of junk and some free time) so I built another.

In Progress 1 In Progress 2 In Progress 3 In Progress 4 Painting 1 Painting 2 Finished 1 Finished 2 Finished 3 Finished 4 Finished 5 Group Shot 1 Group Shot 2

After happily living on my desk for a few months an opportunity I couldn't refuse came up. I went to NY Comicon 2006 where I met Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright. I gave both dingbots to Phil along with my Heterodyne Power Unit. He loved them but this means I'm now dingbotless once again. I'll probably make another eventually. Now if I could just make one that's self-replicating....

Cheyenne Phil Table Display

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