2008 Blaster Building Contest Entry #2

My second entry for the 2008 contest at the Blaster Builder's Club was built from a busted Crossman BB gun.

Base Gun

I started by removing the barrel and cutting off the stock.

Cut Down

I filled the hole left in the grip with putty and shaped it with a dremel. The barrel was replaced with a peice of PVC. I don't remember where I got the grey piece from but I've got a couple of them and it fit pretty well to the gun. I think it may have been off a vacuum cleaner.

Parts Added Right Parts Added Left

Once the body of the gun was together I started adding greeblies. There are parts from all over the place on it, printers, model kits, toys and headphones to name a few.

Front Detail Left Side Detail Right Side Detail

For painting I started with a couple coats of grey primer. For the handle I applied a sloppy coat of white paint with a stiff brush that left dark streaks. Once that was dry I gave it a brown ink wash that gave it a wood tone, the streaks giving it a bit of a grain. Once dry I masked the handle and sprayed the rest of the gun with Rustoleum Black Night Metallic followed by a satin clear coat to seal it.

Primed Left Primed Right

I wound up tieing for seventh place. It seams that you pretty much have to start with a realistic gun as a base if you want a hope of placing in the contest. Not sure what I'm going to do next year but I'll think of something.

Finished Blaster 1 Finished Blaster 2 Finished Blaster 3 Finished Blaster 4 Finished Blaster 5 Finished Blaster 6 Finished Blaster 7

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