Megatokyo Sony Killstick

During the spring semester, the anime club on my college campus would hold a convention. They'd take over at least one of the campus buildings and show anime all weekend. About a week and a half before the convention in 2002, one of the guys in the club told me he wanted to make a killstick from Megatokyo. Always up for a challenge I told him I'd help. As it turned out I pretty much made the thing myself with his funding. Not that either of us minded.

All I had to go on was the single comic it was in, and a color rendering of the same comic. After figuring out some basic dimensions we cut out some 3/4" blue foam and laminated it together. I used posterboard for the black areas, foamcore for the heatsink and scope body, and various other parts for the greeblies on the gun uncluding a CPU fan, a Planters Nuts lid for the scope, wire, spraypaint cap, and a paint pot lid. The entire thing was coated in a thickly mixed powdered tempra. Once that was dry I spray painted it the right colors. We managed to finish with 2 days to spare. The first 3 pictures below are just after completion. The rest have been taken at various cons. If any of these are your pics, let me know and I'll credit them. From what I hear, the guy I made it for got it signed by the writers of the comic and needs another one now. :-)

Finished Killstick 1 Finished Killstick 2 Finished Killstick 3

Risingsun 1 Risingsun 2 Risingsun 3 Risingsun 4 Risingsun 5 Risingsun 6 Risingsun 7 Anime Express 1 Anime Express 2

Otakon 2003:

Otakon 1 Otakon 2 Otakon 3 Otakon 4 Otakon 5 Otakon 6 Otakon 7 Otakon 8

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