Megatokyo Cat Distracter

The cat distracter was made in much the same way as I made the Killstick. Layered blue foam was used to get the basic shape, foamcore and sheet plastic were used for the raised detail. Various bits of junk were used for the detail bits including spare PVC pipe and plastic for the sight, bottle caps for switches, and an aluminum drink container cut in half for the back. We found actual cat toys at a dollar store and filled the tupperware container.

Foam Structure Front Shroud Frong Site Finished Gun 1 Finished Gun 2 Finished Gun 3 Container Closeup Finished Gun 4

The hardest part was figuring out the dimensions and reconciling all the various pictures of the prop into one version. When the artist draws it he doesn't maintain consistent details of the gun or even its basic shape so I had to pick what parts went where.

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