Snowtrooper Helmet

The helmet, while a simple design, is very annoying to put together. I think it's mostly nerves since I really didn't want to screw it up. I put in a helmet liner by cutting up a hard hat. I couldn't find one locally with the ratcheting adjustment unfortunately. The lenses were cut from a welders face shield which is supposedly movie accurate. The shroud was the most annoying part. At first all I could find was typical thick white vinyl. My first attempt at attaching it wound up being too vertical and kept pushing. I carefully cut it off and tried again. It fit better but the thick vinyl still made it hard to look around. I lucked out when the person who sewed my duster found the movie accurate vinyl at a store in New Jersey. It's a thin, non-textured white vinyl sort of like a cheap table cloth. It hangs well, is light, and doesn't push on the helmet when I move my head. I've since installed cooling fans and a voice amp system.

Hardhat Parts Helmet Front Helmet Side Helmet Rear Helmet Interior Liner Closeup Lenses Closeup

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