Jun the Swan Helmet

In 2014 my friend Rose purchased a Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle of the Planets Jun the Swan helmet from Oz Deshaw You can see Oz's build thread for the helmet on theRPF here. When it arrived she asked me to paint and assemble it.

Screencap 1 Screencap 2 Screencap 3

I started by cleaning up the edges, spot filling the bubbles and attaching the antenna to the back.

Raw Helmet Antenna

With the helmet cleaned up and sanded I gave it a coat of automotive primer. After a coat of gloss white automotive spray I masked off around the orange markings and used more automotive spray. The "eyes" were hand painted gloss black. The whole thing was then giving a coat of gloss clear. Finally the beak visor was glued in and some foam padding was added to the inside.

Finished Helmet 1 Finished Helmet 2 Finished Helmet 3 Finished Helmet 4 Finished Helmet 5 Finished Helmet 6

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