Stormtrooper Helmet

The rest of these pictures were taken in 2005. I've made extensive modifications from my original setup so I thought these would be better than an earlier version. I'll start with some close ups of my helmet.

Helmet Front Left Ear Right Ear Left Cheek Right Cheek Mouth Closeup Helmet Interior Ear Bolts 1 Battery and Fan Ear Bolts Left Top Fan Ear Bolts Right Frown Mesh

I had a problem with air flow and my glasses fogging so I cut out the frown and installed window screen mesh. I got a roll of plastic mesh for $6 at Home Depot, enough to replace an entire screen door. I doubled up the mesh to keep people from seeing through it.

Frown Exterior Frown Interior

I got a pair of fans for inside the helmet to improve airflow. I bought mine pre-assembled as a mod-kit on Ebay but you could just as easily buy parts at Radio Shack. Both fans run off a single 9V battery and a fresh battery can last for about 5-6 hours of trooping. I used split loom ribbed tubbing to keep the wire in check and bought battery holders from Radio Shack for the 9V's.

Lower Fan Lower Fan Battery and Switch Upper Battery

I've found that not having a watch can be annoying and since there's nowhere to carry one easily on a trooper costume I glued an old wrist watch inside my helmet.

Watch 1 Watch 2

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