Snowtrooper Costume Lower Half

The ab plate was trimmed and painted. I used 2 inch elastic for the belt along with a 2 inch webbing clip. There are reference shots showing the plate hanging in either direction though more show it with the angled part up than down. The circular greeblie was built out of plasticard, spray painted, then attached with plastic welder.

Ab Plate Circular Greeblie Circular Greeblie Painted Finished Ab Plate

The cod piece isn't totally accurate, it should have a ridge along the top. Fortunately it's not really visible even in the movie suits.

Groin Plate

The knees were easy. I'm eventually going to put some foam padding around the bottom to keep the edge from digging into my shins.

Knee Plates

When I got the armor the only part of the thermal detonator that I got was the detail plate. I vacced parts for the body and end caps. The body was put together with ducktape and the endcaps were hot glued on. 2 strips of 1 inch aluminum tape were wrapped around the edges. The detail plate was attached with plastic-welder. I cut slits into the top and bottom of the attachment points and slid steel money clips from Staples in to attach the detonator to the belt.

Thermal Detonator Front Thermal Detonator Top Thermal Detonator Bottom

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