Mandora The Evil Chaser Helmet

In 2012 my friend Rose approached me again to help her with a project. This time she wanted Mandora the Evil Chaser's helmet from the original Thundercats. She was putting on Retrocon and had three original Thundercats voice actors coming.

Mandora Screencap 1 Mandora Screencap 2 Mandora Screencap 3 Mandora Screencap 4

I started by stripping down a Speed Racer toy helmet. I added some EVA foam to the front to lower the brow and some padding inside to make it fit better.

Base Helmet

I cut craft foam to shape and hot glued it together for the outer shell.

Craft Foam

A coat of black paint on the helmet later I could attach the yellow visor. I got visor off of another toy helmet that I found at a thrift store and cut up. This was pop riveted on.

Painted Helmet Front Painted Helmet Side

For the "ears" I cut two different sized circles out of styrene for each side, put a spacer between them then filled in the edges with plumbers putty. The pointed extensions were then made from styrene and attached.

Ear Pucks Ears Painted

A hole in the back of the helmet lets a wig be plugged in. Circles of styrene were painted black and attached to the outside of the ears. The craft foam shell was attached to the helmet with epoxy then the ears were "pinned" and glued on top.

Hair Plug Shell Attached Ear Positioning

The finished helmet:

Finished Helmet 1 Finished Helmet 2 Finished Helmet 3 Finished Helmet 4 Finished Helmet 5 Finished Helmet 6 Finished Helmet 7

And here are pictures of the full costume from the convention:

Mandora Costume 1 Mandora Costume 2 Mandora Costume 3 Mandora Costume 4 Mandora Costume 5 Mandora Costume 6

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