Ghosttrooper Costume

Are you troubled by strange jedi in the middle of the night? Do you feel the force in your sublevel or airlock? Have you seen a sith, padawan or force ghost? If the answer is yes then to hesitate is treason! Com the professionals...Ghosttroopers! Our ruthlessly efficient staff are on call 27/9 for all your jedi elimination needs. We're ready to debrief you!

I've had the idea for this costume kicking around my head for a long time. With the completion of my Ghostbuster costume I finally had most of the parts for a crossover. All I needed were a few extra details.

I started by scratchbuilding a set of goggles that'd fit over my stormtrooper helmet. The body was made from foamcore and EVA foam matt. The lenses were PVC sink tube parts.

Rough Goggles 1 Rough Goggles 2 Rough Goggles 3

I smoothed in the details with Epoxy Sculpt modeling putty.

Fitting and Putty 1 Fitting and Putty 2 Fitting and Putty 3

After priming and painting I added the detail pieces. Hex bolts for the face plate, snaps around the edges, resin copies of the goggle knobs, some vinyl stickers and an elastic strap.

Finished Goggles 1 Finished Goggles 2

I knew I wanted a custom symbol so I made up a "no yoda" image and had custom patches made.

No Yoda patches

I ordered a custom tan stormtrooper pauldron and a friend of mine printed up a "nametag" for me on a piece of styrene. I don't want to permanently alter my Stormtrooper costume so I glued sheet steel to the back of it and used magnets to hold it in place.

Costume Mock-up

To finish out the costume I bought a white pistol belt and attached some of my regular ghostbuster parts on it. I also magnetized a leg hose connector and attached it to the stormtrooper thigh. The costume was debuted at Dragoncon 2013 to general acclaim.

Ghosttrooper 1 Ghosttrooper 2 Ghosttrooper 3 Multiple Crossovers

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