Ghostbusters 2 Belt Circuit

For Ghostbusters 2 the belt circuits on the costumes were simplified scratchbuilt versions of the GB 1 prop.

GB2 Board 1 GB2 Board 2 GB2 Board 3

To build mine I started the same way I did my GB1 board, by printing out the board scan and cutting it out of a piece of .08 styrene. The board was then primed.

Styrene Board

I built the few board details out of additional styrene.


For the daughter board I attached correctly sized electronic components to a piece of styrene.

Daughter Board

For the nixie tubes I inserted short strips of rainbow ribbon cable into pieces of 3/8" hosing. The brown "capacitors" were made from styrene and paperclips. I painted all the components with acrylic paint.

Finished Board Finished Daughter Board

To finish I built a holster from scrap leather

Holster Finished Prop

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