Bill S. Preston Esq. Costume

In 2011 I found out that Alex Winters, the actor who played Bill S. Preston, was going to be at Chiller ( I had a few weeks and figured I'd try and toss together a costume and go meet him. Since I don't really look like him I decided to go with the Bogus Journey version of the costume, plus it gave me an excuse to make his Wyld Stallyns hat. I had close approximations of most of the costume already so the hat was the only thing I had to make.

A quick trip to the thrift store scored me a red hat for $1. It's not an accurate trucker style and I needed to pick off the local VFW embroidery but it worked. To paint on the logo I started with yellow highlighter to get the general shape of the words then outlined it in pen for visibility.

Red Hat Snap Back Text Outlined

Once I had the logo spaced out I layered on acrylic paint. I started with a mustard yellow base for coverage then did the 2-tone fade with bright yellow. When that was dry I outlined everything in black.

Base Color Highlighted Outlined

Just to kick the costume up a notch I hid a speaker and MP3 player in my pocket that I could surreptitiously hit and air guitar people with. I went to the convention and was surprised to only find one other Bill and Ted costumer there all day. I did meet Alex Winters and talked to him briefly about Bill and Ted 3.

Bill and Ted With Alex Winters The Hat

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