White Spaceball Costume

After making a Spaceball helmet for a friend of mine as a Christmas present I had to make one for myself. This naturally lead to wanting the whole costume and this is what I ended up with. I've put the build log for the buckle on a separate page as it's a bit involved. The rest of the costume is relatively simple. A white cotton coverall with a black dickie underneath was all I really needed. They used full, long-sleeved turtlenecks in the movie but I didn't want to overheat in the costume. The belt was made from a strip of black marine vinyl held closed with industrial velcro. Technically the boots should be grey moonboots with a black stripe above the ankle but vintage moonboots are impossible to find and are never cheap when you do. Since most people have no idea what type of boots they should be I got away with a pair of hiking boots.

Finished Spaceball 1 Finished Spaceball 2 Finished Spaceball 3 Finished Spaceball 4

My friend Tony wanted in on the action so we worked on out costumes together and got them done in time for Wizard World Philly 2009. We wound up having a great time running around the con, posing for pictures and calling people Assholes. (click a picture for a larger view)

Tony You're Really A Spaceball Comparing On Guard Wrong Movie Aim For The Flattop! Of Course We Do Sir! Doing My Best

The best part of the con was Mel Brooks' son Max was there signing some books. We didn't even know he was going to be there and he couldn't have been nicer!

Max Brooks Salute 1 Max Brooks Salute 2

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