Snowtrooper Costume Strapping

The knees are attached with 1 inch elastic and a snap. The shoulders are attached to the coat with 3 snaps each. The forearms have 3 inch elastic around the wrist. The cod piece has 2 inch white webbing glued in and a 2 inch web clip. The shoulder strap plates were riveted to the chest plate and 1 inch white webbing was glued to the inside of the chest. Slits were cut in the other end of the shoulder strap plate and the webbing was fished though. The webbing was then glued to the backpack. More 1 inch webbing was glued to the bottom of the backpack and snaps were attached. These snaps run to the chest plate just below the arms.

Knee Straps Interior Shoulder Bell Snaps Forearm Straps Groin Plate Straps Shoulder Straps Packpack Strapping Chest Straps Interior

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