Ultimate Warlord Competition Entry

The gaming store I go to held what they called a Warlord Competition for Warhammer 40k. The rules were simple, ignore the normal game rules, put as much stuff as you can onto a single guy and battle it out. The day the competition started we had to buy our base miniature, then we had 2 weeks to build and convert it. Prizes would be given out for best paintjob, best conversion, winning the battle, and having the biggest, meanest, most points-bloated warlord possible. After the two weeks was over, only four of us managed to get our guys together.


This was my entry...

My Warlord

...and here's the other three:

Warlord 2 Warlord 3 Warlord 4

After the models were verified to be WYSIWYG they were judged for appearance and then the battle arena was setup.

Battlefield 1 Battlefield 2

This was our judges box, one of every 40K race except orks. For some reason no one had any on hand.

Judges Box

Everyone plunked down and we battled it out

Battle 1 Battle 2 Battle 3 Battle 4

And the outcome? I won the cheeseball award. 2+ pounds of cheesballs for having the most points-heavy warlord there(1041pts if you're wondering).
Cheesball Award On Display

If you want to know the stats for this monster, here's the .doc file I used to keep track of it all: warlordcompetition.doc though it's all based on 4th edition 40k codexes.

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