Hello Kitty Necron Doomsday Carp

I wanted to get some longer range heavy weapons in my force. The skeletal form of the Doomsday Arc always reminded me of a cartoonish fish skeleton so I had to make one. The basic body is just the regular Arc with the "tail" flipped. I made the head out of the foot off a junk robotic dog toy then detailed it with parts from the arc's driver pit. I used the flayer arrays and edge vanes left over from my monolith build for the side fins and dorsal fin.

Carp Construction Assembled Carp

To paint the whole thing was primed white. The gun "guts" were washed with red ink, the head and fins were painted and highlighted gold. Red rods were added to the flayer arrays and a pink jewel was glued to the forehead.

Finished Carp

Since I made this when 6th edition was going on I needed something to represent a wreck for when the carp was destroyed so I took some junk parts and glued them to a styrene silhouette. A quick paint job and I had a belly-up carp wreck template.

Assembled Carp Wreck Finished Carp Wreck

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