Ork Bikerboss #1

Here's how I made my Speed Freek Warboss. In game terms he was a warboss on a bike with a choppa, power klaw, heavy armor, cybork body, bionic bonce, and big horns. With the release of the 5th ed codex he now doubles as a dreadnought in my regular ork army.
I started with the normal ork warboss and cut him in half.

Cut Warboss Filed Torso Base Plate Smoothed Detail

I then cut the front forks off a warbike along with the seat and exhaust. Parts from the eldar jet bike, rhino interior detail, ork warbuggy, and various toys were then combined to form the base of the model.

JetBike Strut Rhino Seats Exhaust Chassis 1 Chassis 2 Chassis 3 Chassis 4 Chassis 5 Chassis 6 Chassis 7 Chassis 8 Chassis 9 Chassis 10

The powerclaw was made from plasticard, a model airplane tire, a bic pen, a 1/32 drill bit, one of the warboss's legs, and a feed guide spool from a printer. Hydraulics were made out of varying sizes of model sprue, rivets were made from greenstuff.

Styrene Claw Claw Front Claw Side Finished Claw 1 Finished Claw 2 Finished Claw 3 Finished Claw 4

The head was completely scratch-built. I started with a marine shoulder pad and some tube out of a bic pen. Green stuff was built up in successive layers and teeth were glued in. Attachment points for the big horns were made from sprue. The big horns were also scratch-built.

Head Sculpting 1 Head Sculpting 2 Head Sculpting 3 Head Sculpting 4 Head Sculpting 5 Head Sculpting 6 Head Sculpting 7 Head Sculpting 8 Head Sculpting 9 Head Sculpting 10 Head Sculpting 11 Head Sculpting 12 Head Sculpting 13 Head Sculpting 14

The bike's big shootas were made from a heavy flamer, some GW sprue, the barrel from the ork buggy's multi-melta, and some plasticard. A hedge cutter from a GW tank sprue was cut and re-positioned to act as a mount.

Shootas 1 Shootas 2 Shootas 3 Shootas 4 Shootas 5

The left arm was scratch-built with successive layers of greenstuff. The choppa was made from plasticard, model sprue, the rear of the marine searchlight, and more greenstuff rivets.

Left Arm 1 Left Arm 2 Chainsaw 1 Chainsaw 2 Chainsaw 3 Left Arm Finished 1 Left Arm Finished 2

After a black primer coat the base colors were laid down.

Painting 1 Painting 2 Painting 3 Painting 4 Painting 5 Painting 6 Painting 7 Painting 8

Final Paint job. The base was made out of two bike bases. It's almost as big as a dreadnought base.

Finished Boss 1 Finished Boss 2 Finished Boss 3 Finished Boss 4 Finished Boss 5 Finished Boss 6 Finished Boss 7

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