Custom Ork Ruzzbot Morkanaut

Not long after making my Gorkanaut a friend of mine gave me most of a Taurox model. After using the front end on another project I was left with the main body which seemed like a good base to build a Morkanaut from.

Digging through my bits bin I came up with some battlewagon treads, landraider track guards, a Falcon access hatch, Rhino door and Predator turret that, along with some styrene sheet, gave me my basic body shape.

Basic Structure

Like my Gorkanaut I went with the classic Ruzzbot style treads over feet. I extended the turret height with some plastic tube to form the head. I swapped the second falcon hatchway with a baneblade sponson top and some plasticard to flesh out the belly hold.

Body Construction 1

A classic rhino glacis plate filled out the chest and a chaos searchlight gave it the mono-eye styling.

Body Details 1 Body Details 2

For the right arm I cut down a chainsword arm from a stompa kit. I always throught the arm was too small for a stompa but it works just right for a gmorkanaut.

Combat Arm

The gun arm I used the same base parts as my Gorkanaut.

Gun Arm 1 Gun Arm 2

The powerplant on the back I started detailing with dreadnaut engines and tank bits.

Powerplant 1 Powerplant 2

I built rough shoulder pads out of styrene and started detailing the model with rivits and bits.


Turret mounted rokkits were placed on the shoulders and a second big shoota was attached to the head. At this point I decided that the builders had been facing a lot of chaos forces so I went with spiky styling.

Finished Detail 1 Finished Detail 2 Finished Detail 3 Finished Detail 4 Finished Detail 5 Finished Detail 6

Overall it's not that much larger then a normal Gorkanaut and about the same as my first one.

Comparison Shot 1 Comparison Shot 2

To finish it off and make it a true Morkanaut I took a Kustom Mega Kannon from the actual kit and built it into an insert for the gun arm. I can swap between it and the Deffstorm depending on if I want to run two Gorkanauts or one of each 'naut.

Kannon Arm 1 Kannon Arm 2 Kannon Arm 3

Painting I continued with the chaos adversary theme and went dark colors along with my usual rust and paint chips.

Finished Paint

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