Custom Ork Battlewagon

I was given a mostly assembled Ork Battlewagon from a friend. Not being a fan of the stock model but being in need of a Battlewagon for my army I took it upon myself to make some improvements.

To start with I disassembled the stock kit.


I didn't want to go too crazy with modifications, otherwise I'd have just built one from scratch. I decided to go with the standard widening and lenthening conversions. Being the most difficult part I started with the cab. After cutting it more or less down the center I built it back up with styrene.

Split Cab Rebuilt Cab Left Rebuilt Cab Right

For the transport area I cut the frame and extended it back to allow for some side access stairs. The center aisle was widened and replated and a ramp was added to the rear.

Rear Area Right Rear Area Left

Then it was just detailing and adding rivits.

Grill Detail Right Side Detail Left Side Detail

Here's the completed build with an Ork boy for scale reference. I much prefer the new size as it's not definitely larger than a trukk.

Finished Left Finished Right Finished Front Finished Interior 1 Finished Interior 2 Finished Rear Trukk Comparison 1 Trukk Comparison 2

Painting I went with my standard rust job followed by muted reds and blacks with a brown wash.

Finished Left Finished Left Finished Left Finished Left Finished Left

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