Custom Ork Fightabomma

With the release of the Apocalypse supplement to Warhammer 40k I wanted to beef up my Ork army but with the impending change of codex I didn't want to spend time and money making something that may be invalidated. I'd been planning on making some aircraft for a long time and this seemed like the perfect time to do it. After I finished a pair of basic Fightas I started work on a fighta-bomma. The base model is a 1:32 scale BF-110G. I got rid of the propellers, added jets, flipped and shortened the wings, shortened the body, flipped the nose and all around kitbashed it. The turret was made from a ping-pong ball. Some strip styrene and a butt-load of rivits helped to orkify everything. I put in magnets so I can switch out the payloads as necessary.

Stock Kit Engines Modified 1 Engines Modified 2 Engines Modified 3 Engines Modified 4 Engines Modified 5 Engines Modified 6 Engines Modified 7 Engines Modified 8 Ball Turret 1 Ball Turret 2 Ball Turret 3 Ball Turret 4 Ball Turret 5 Ball Turret 6 Ball Turret 7 Cockpit 1 Cockpit 2 Cockpit 3 Cockpit 4 Nose Wings Cut Engine Detailing Cockpit Detailing 1 Cockpit Detailing 2 Strip Styrene 1 Strip Styrene 2 Strip Styrene 3 Strip Styrene 4 Strip Styrene 5 Nose Attached Plates Nose Glyph Right Side Top Rear Rear Rear Glyph Left Rear Right Rear Rivets 1 Rivets 2 Rivets 3 Rivets 4 Rivets 5 Rivets 6 Rivets 7 Rivets 8 Right Mounting Points Left Mounting Points Central Base Plate Painted 1 Painted 2 Painted 3 Painted 4 Painted 5

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