Custom Mega-Armored Ork Warboss

Having used my basic warboss for years and my biker warboss for a while I figured it was time to try for the big guns. I'd finished a unit of meganobs a while before and now they needed someone to lead them. Traditionally ork players wanting a mega-armored warboss would just paint Ghazghkull a different color with maybe a head-swap. I couldn't go the common route of course so I started digging through my bits box.


I started by cutting a Blackreach warboss in half then removing all the parts on the torso.

Cut In Half Bits Removed

I attached the torso to a set of ogryn legs left over from my bikerboss build then boxed it out to a bigger proportions. Most of the detail was covered over but it gave me some cloth detail on the sides that I wanted. I then filled in the neck area to create a solid base to sculpt off of.

Torso Attached Boxed In Neck Filled

With the torso roughed out I started boxing in the feet and legs. The positioning made the plasticard work a little awkward. No one's noticed that the "metal" of the right foot is bent but really, it's orks so it doesn't matter.

Legs Front Legs Side Legs Rear

With the basic frame done I could add on the hydraulics and hinge joints. A butt-plate acts as the main axel for the legs. The upper legs were covered with "hanging" plates from the belt.

Leg Details 1 Leg Details 2 Leg Details 3 Leg Details 4 Leg Details 5

I sculpted the neck detail out of greenstuff. The head is just a Black Reach warboss head with a meganob jaw screwed on.

Sculpting Neck Finished Neck Head

I had a defiler claw sitting around for a long time and this seemed like the right time to use it. I started by cutting it down and removing all the chaos details. I then added some hydraulics to it. I boxed in the back of the torso and added a powerplant. Wire and guitar string were used as hydraulic lines.

Striped Arm 1 Striped Arm 2 Hydraulics 1 Hydraulics 2 Mockup 3 Torso Enclosed Power Plant Mockup 1 Mockup 2

For the right arm I started by building the shoota. I combined parts from the pewter warboss and a loota then built an enclosed fist out of styrene to attach it to. Once I had that I could scale the rest of the arm to it and sculpted one out of greenstuff.

Shoota Bits Finished Shoota Fist Attached 1 Fist Attached 2 Sculpted Arm 1 Sculpted Arm 2 Sculpted Arm 3 Sculpted Arm 4

With the major parts built it was down to detailing. I armored up the sculpted arm and added a piston. Some buggy parts bulked out the shoulders and some more worky-bits were added to the defiler arm.

Detailing 1 Detailing 2 Detailing 3 Detailing 4 Detailing 5

Some glyphs, an attack squig, a few more worky-bits and a ton of rivets later and he was finished.

Finished Build 1 Finished Build 2 Finished Build 3 Finished Build 4 Finished Build 5 Finished Build 6 Finished Build 7 Finished Build 8

And here's the final, painted warboss:

Painted 1 Painted 2 Painted 3 Painted 4 Painted 5 Painted 6 Painted 7 Painted 8

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