Tau Aegis Line

In 2013 fortifications became an important part of Warhammer 40k and everyone started taking Aegis Lines. A friend of mine has a Tau army and wanted to join in on the trend but didn't like the idea of taking an imperial design for his alien army. He asked me if I could make a custom Tau Aegis Line for him and after going back and forth on some design ideas I started work on a master.

I took a piece of foamcore and cut it down to 1/2 inch high. I then glued a strip of styrene to the top and a length of styrene tube ontop of that.

Assembling Master

I then clad both sides in thin styrene styled in a Tau armor motif. I attached a pair of upright supports also made out of styrene then used putty to smooth out all the edges.

Finished Master 1 Finished Master 2 Finished Master 3

I made a mold of the master and then poured six copies out of urethane plastic. Two of the copies I then cut into smaller section so I ended up with an exact analog set of walls the same overall length as a normal Aegis Line.

Finished Walls Finished Large Front Finished Large Back Finished Small Front Finished Small Back Circled Walls

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