Miniature Castle

I made this castle for a middle school history project back in ancient times. Sadly, it was before I got into miniature wargaming so it met an awful fate with the garbage man :-( . However, I do have these pics for everyone to enjoy. They were taken some time during the initial construction. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the finished piece but I think you can get the general idea of how it looked. The walls were made of 3/4 inch styrofoam. The large towers were oatmeal containers, the towers at the front gate were Gatorade containers. The cliff around the back was made by using a few cans of spray foam. Once the stuff dried it was hacked into various shapes. There were lights in the towers that could be plugged in.(small christmas light strand)


It was rather good sized and it would have been easy to make it playable. The walls (and everything else) were covered with Flekstone, a type of spray on textured paint. It took 2-3 light coats to get the right look to it. If I remember correctly, the insides of all the windows were covered over with wax paper, which prevented anyone from seeing the lights inside. The wooden parts were just balsa wood with some wood stain. Suffice it to say I got an A on the project.

Finished Castle 1 Finished Castle 2 Finished Castle 3 Finished Castle 4 Finished Castle 5

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