Custom Ork Lobbas

I was poking around the internet one day and came across Mediko's Ork lobbas on Warseer. I'd been kicking around the idea of building some lobbas and liked his design so in traditional ork fashion I looted his idea.

The body is just a styrene box with Leman Russ tank wheels on both ends. Some styrene rod and strip detailed it out quickly and some washers on the sides gave me elevation axels. To save time I used casts of a kannon chasis for the carriage and wheels.

First Lobba 1 First Lobba 2 First Lobba 3 First Lobba 4

With one together I made two more.

Two More 1 Two More 2

And with three done I figured I might as well make a full unit of five.

Number 4 Number 5

With the whole unit built I primed them black.


And the finished painted unit.

Finished Unit 1 Finished Unit 2

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