Custom Ork Dakkajet

As nice as the stock Dakkajet model is I can't leave well enough alone. I started by flipping the fuselage upside down, cutting and flipping the tale section around and adding engine parts from a Stormraven and a canopy from an airplane model.

Fuselage Assembly 1 Fuselage Assembly 2

With the body flipped the wings looked best in their original configuration so that put the bottoms up. The gap behind the canopy was filled with putty.

Wings 1 Wings 2

I added piping to the engine and filled in the original cockpit space on the bottom with some kit parts.


The holes in the wings were filled in with putty. Three sets of supershootas were added and the canopy was defined with styrene. Additional detail bits pull everything together.

Details 1 Details 2 Details 3

Some rivets here and there and some junk on the base finished the build.

Finished Build 1 Finished Build 2 Finished Build 3 Finished Build 4 Finished Build 5 Finished Build 6 Finished Build 7

Paint is a simple black/red/rust scheme.

Finished Paint 1 Finished Paint 2 Finished Paint 3 Finished Paint 4 Finished Paint 5

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