Kitbashed Ork Fighta #2

With the release of the Apocalypse supplement to Warhammer 40k I wanted to beef up my Ork army but with the impending change of codex I didn't want to spend time and money making something that may be invalidated. I'd been planning on making a couple fightas for a long time and this seemed like the perfect time to do it. I pulled a 1/48 scale P-70 out of my pile of kits (thrift stores and yard sales are wonderful things) and started putting together the basic shape. The hard part was figuring out the cockpit, once I trimmed out the plastic and got an ork to fit everything else went easy. I didn't want to use propellers so I modified the engines with other parts from my bits bins. Some plasticard, some putty, a bit of scratchbuilt weaponry and a ton of rivets and it was ready for paint. I built a stand out of styrene tubing and made magnetic attachment points for the various bombs.

Base Fuselage Cut Wings Front View Engine Modification Wings Attached Wings Puttied Engines Attached Front View Cockpit Boxed 1 Cockpit Boxed 2 Wing Damage Tail Damage Rivets 1 Rivets 2 Rivets 3 Guns 1 Guns 2 Finished Build Stand Base Paint 1 Base Paint 2 Base Paint 3 Finished 1 Finished 2 Finished 3 Finished 4 Finished 5 Finished 6 Finished 7 Finished 8 Finished 9

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