Hello Kitty Necron Destroyer Lord

My footslogging Overlord was becoming a bit ineffective so I figured it was time to try something different. A Destroyer Lord seemed like a good idea but the question was how to incorporate it in my army. I'd already done ladybugs for my regular Destroyers but I wanted to maintain the torso and arms for the Lord. The obvious answer was to make it some type of centaur. I considered sculpting legs onto a regular Destroyer Lord but I knew there's be a better and faster way. A quick trip to my local thrift store netted me a big bag of My Little Pony toys that were perfect for my needs.

MLP Toys

I'd had a second-hand Destroyer Lord model sitting around for a while. I picked a winged purple pony with a good leg position and hacked the top half off. A bit of trimming around the tail and the destroyer body fit on pretty well.

Kitbashed Toys 1 Kitbashed Toys 2

I used some sculpting putty to smooth the connection of the torso together then sculpted my usual ears and bow on the lord's head with greenstuff.

Sculpted Head

My usual flat color paintjob tied it all together then I mounted it to a flying base.

Finished Lord 1 Finished Lord 2

I've found sticking him into my unit of Wraiths makes for a pretty nasty combo as he gives them Preferred Enemy and their 3+ invuln save protects him.

Lord in Battle

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