Ork Bikerboss #2

With the release of the new 5th ed Ork codex, biker warbosses became a nasty option. A friend of mine gave me an old metal wraithlord awhile ago and I thought what better to make a bike from! I picked up some extra wheels from GW (this was before they stopped offering bits) and an Ogryn from my local game store for additional parts.


I started off by modding the ogryn. The head was hacked off and replaced with a spare warboss head. The left hand was removed for the future powerklaw and the ripper gun was removed from the right hand. I cut the lower half of a warboss left over from my other bikerboss conversion in half to widen the stance so it would fit on the wide wraithlord. I went through a few different sets of legs until I settled on the original warboss feet re-pinned in a better position with some greenstuff to fill in the gaps.

Ogryn Torso New Head Leg Mod Filled Gap Sculpted Pants

I started the bike by laying out the wraithlord parts to see what would work. I wound up switching the position of the arms and legs which gave me a decent "front fork". I drilled holes through the palms and ankles for the axels. Plastic sprue gave me some more frame to work from. The gas tank was made from two of the new burna boys backpacks. I added various GW and model kit parts to build up the engine.

Bike Mockup Wheels Frame Pinned Gas Tank Side View Bottom Rear Wheel Belt Drive Seat Front Cowl Driver Positioning

For the twin linked dakkaguns I used a pewter autocannon from a cadian sentinel, an IG heavy stubber and the ammo feed from an old ork bike. Rear shocks were made from pen springs, sentinel feet and plastic rod.

Gun Mount Side View Detailing More Detailing

The powerklaw was made from two sentinel leg pistons, a piece of pen tube and plasticard.

Klaw Parts Hinges Basic Structure Hydraulics Klaw Mounted 1 Klaw Mounted 2

Handlebars were bent from round sprue. I used the handle off a stickbomb for the left side.

Ape Hangers Progress Mockup

Final details like rivets, glyphs and a holstered slugga were added. The base was made from two regular biker bases stuck together.

Finished BUild 1 Finished BUild 2 Finished BUild 3 Finished BUild 4 Finished BUild 5 Finished BUild 6 Finished BUild 7

As usual for my looted stuff I copied the paint schemes of people I play regularly. The build took me less than a month while the painting was dragged out over several.

Finished Paint 1 Finished Paint 2 Finished Paint 3 Finished Paint 4 Finished Paint 5

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