Hello Kitty Necron Destroyers

My initial concept for Hello Kitty Destroyers was winged pegusai but I couldn't find wings that I liked or any easy way to add horse legs to destroyers. Since I'd gone with flowers for the Wraiths I figured I could go with insects for the Destroyers so ladybugs is was. It was simple enough to rearrange the torso section and mount the head out the front of the body. Some styrene to make insect legs and mount the gun and they were ready for paint.

Hello Kitty Destroyers 1 Hello Kitty Destroyers 2 Hello Kitty Destroyer 3

Painting was simple ladybug black/red with white detailing and metallic cannon. I painted the bodies with high gloss to give them an insect sheen.

Painting Destroyers Finished Destroyers 1 Finished Destroyers 2 Finished Destroyers 3

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