Hello Kitty Monolith

The shape of the monolith instantly lent it to a cottage design. I took a picture of the basic structure then played around in photoshop until I had a design I liked.

Basic Structure Finished Design

With the design worked out I started modifying the structure with styrene. I boxed in front steps, flower boxes and a chimney. Windows were taken from an HO scale train layout kit. The front door was made from layered styrene sheet.

Chimney Window Boxes Front Door

With the windows in place I could add the gables and box in the roof. I made the shingles by cutting triangles from edge of strips of styrene. I filled in the flower boxes with putty and made decorative supports for the window edges.

Roof Added Shingling Finished Shingles 1 Finished Shingles 2

I capped the roof with a layered design to match the bottom. Styrene L-bracket was used to cover the edges of the shingles. The chimney was covered in stone textured styrene sheet and I made shutters for the windows. I made a mold of the standard monolith door and used casts to put decorative details on the gable ends. A picket fence was made from rectangular styrene stock.

Finished Construction 1 Finished Construction 2 Finished Construction 3 Finished Construction 4 Finished Construction 5 Finished Construction 6 Finished Construction 7

To paint I started with a white primer coat. The roof was painted in the same metallic pink I use for the rest of the army with bright silver detailing. The chimney was painted a light tan stone while the door and shutters were painted straight pink. My standard flowers were added to the flower boxes.

Painting Finished Paint 1 Finished Paint 2 Finished Paint 3 Finished Paint 4 Finished Paint 5 Finished Paint 6

I cobbled together a simple LED circuit to light the interior though it's a bit too dim to see in normal light.

Finished Monolith 1 Finished Monolith 2 Finished Monolith 3 Finished Monolith 4 Finished Monolith 5 Finished Monolith 6 Finished Monolith 7

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