Sci-fi Hallway Terrain

While at college I made this terrain for my gaming group. I wanted to reduce the ability to guess ranges so I made the lengths 8 inches instead of 6 or 12. All parts were made from 1/4 inch foamcore. For the decking I used plastic door screen glued down with strips of cereal box card. I made several odd shaped rooms in order to break up the design a bit.

Parts Walls Floor Large Room

Foamcore Base Screen Side Card Cross Card

Large Room Finished Medium Room Finished

I didn't want to take forever on painting. After giving the edges of the foamcore a quick brush on coat of black acrylic to protect it I sprayed the parts black and then dusted them with silver spray. For a bit of detail I made up a sheet of "door controls" in Photoshop.

Paint Process Finished Terrain 1 Finished Terrain 2

While this project came out well overall after a few games we discovered some problems. Halls became killing lanes and doorways were no better with all the doors lined up and nothing to block them(like closed doors). Moving anywhere becomes suicidal and play halts. We were using them for Warhammer 40k but a smaller scale, close quarters specific game could be fun(like Space Hulk).

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