Custom "In-Action" Figure

I've been hanging out at my local game store for over a decade now. The manager of the store for most of that time has been a guy named Howard.


Around 2010 another friend of mine that hangs out at the store and I started joking about Howard's general surlyness. Somehow that turned into talking about a "Howard in-action figure" and what the 80's style toy commercial for it would be like. As usual with things of this nature the idea stuck in my head and eventually I just had to make it real.

The hardest part of the whole project turned out to be finding a suitable base figure to start from. For some reason no one seems to make toys of overweight guys. Eventually I came across this guy:

Savio Vega

A Savio Vega wrestling figure. A bit more buff then I'd like but not over the top and it was all of $2 at a flea market.

After cutting off all the extraneous details I started sculpting new detail out of greenstuff.

Sculpting 1 Sculpting 2 Sculpting 3 Sculpting 4

Along with a bluetooth headset and cargopants the other accessory the figure needed was Howard's signature 64oz Wawa coffee thermos.

Coffee Thermos

A simple paintjob, a custom decal for the t-shirt and a pair of glasses made from bent wire and plastic finished out the project.

Finished Figure 1 Finished Figure 2 Finished Figure 3 Finished Figure 4 Finished Figure 5 Finished Figure 6 Painted Thermos

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