Solder Fume Extractor

After seeing the buildup in Make Magazine issue 19 (online version here) I've been meaning to make a solder fume extractor for my workbench. I've had the parts sitting around for years and finally sat down to put them together.


I built the circuit on a breadboard to make sure it'd work and double check the wiring diagram. Fresh batteries are important.

Test Circuit

Then I made sure it'd all fit in the tin.


Next I took a dremel and cut the holes.

Top Hole Pilot Hole Trimmed

The voltage regulator was bolted in and the switch was hot glued in place.

Voltage Regulator Power Switch

With everything soldered together I did another fit check.

Finished Fit

Then added the carbon pad. I got mine from an aquarium store, something like $2 for a giant piece of charcoal filter. The pad has to go on the "blow" side of the fan as the "suck" side is open and the pad keeps the fan from turning.

Pad Installed Closed Back

After some testing I found that the exposed fan had too much of a back-flow of air and wouldn't draw the smoke very well so I added the screen shown in the tutorial which baffled it a bit and made it draw better.


With the fan on the back side of the tin the rim makes it angle down which is perfect for how I usually solder. The tutorial had the fan the other way so it would angle up. I may get around to painting or putting stickers on the tin but for now I'm just glad to finally have the project done.

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